The Story Behind the Reservation

Gone are the days of yellow taxi cabs and shuttles, ridesharing is here to stay. At Rezzi, we are here to improve your ridesharing experience and revolutionize the industry with the simple concept of reservations. Designed by local Tampa bay area business men and a real life Uber driver, Rezzi allows drivers to reserve their ride ahead of time.

Live in the suburbs and have trouble finding a driver near you? Tired of surge pricing? Need to ensure your ride for the airport will show up on time? Rezzi solves these common problems faced by ridesharing users. It provides the unique option of customizing your experience.

The idea, proposed by Dan Wade, a local Uber driver, was actualized this Fall. “The idea came from being a driver and listening to the rideshare user. So many riders, especially those in suburbs would ask if there was a way to reserve a ride ahead of time or choose a favorite driver.” From this feedback, Rezzi was born. An app that allows you to reserve your ride and driver ahead of time.

“Everybody loves Uber and Lyft as a new way of getting around. So, our app does not seek to replace but to enhance Uber and Lyft, by allowing you to plan ahead,” says Wade. For now, Rezzi has its sights set on the Tampa market but in the ever expanding landscape of ridesharing we hope to expand soon.

Download Rezzi on iTunes or Google Play and experience the convenience of Rezzi, first ten reservations free!